old fashioned

Old Fashioned

Remember how your grandparents used to buy their cars?

  • Grandparents bought from a trusted friend, who was the dealership.
  • That's how we sell today, like buying from a trusted friend.
  • "Buy from us, the old fashioned way".
  • Dwayne Lane's Skagit Ford and Skagit Lincoln have won the President's Award for a reason.
  • No greeter at the door. The person that greets you is the person that will sell you the car.
  • Relationships don't develop through machines.
  • Give us a chance to see just how comfortable you can be.
  • This is small town service, not the big box experience.
  • We don't lie to sell cars.
  • See our testimonials for customer responses.
  • We have employees who have been on staff for years.

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